13m3.sk invites you kindly every 7th of the month to the monthly proceedings of the arsenij_avraamov
a virtual organisation exploring long(er) term vision in culture/arts
or trying to realize one event on november 7th 2022 in baku azerbeidjan
7 january 7 february 7 march 7 april 7 may 7 june
7 july 7 august 7 september 7 oktober 7 november 2077

each month at 7 pm
on line and in real with actions statements chats streams
interventions by international and local artists
        07.01: the open organisation
        07.02: the end of poetics
the management of a long term vision in art
        07.04: the complexisation of collaboration
        07.05: creativity, institutions, and critique
the rouchean imagination/reality implosion
        07.07: the technique of the concept and the loss of the kinetic work
        07.08: the speed of light, the length of internet, and time in culture
        07.09: the blindness of progress through dynamical bindings
07.10: the disappearing algorithms
        07.11: homage to arsenij avraamov's symphony of sirens (1922)
physical location 13m3 studena 12 bratislava next to the tranzit studios
the program is hosted supported organized by society of algorithm and mxhz.org, 13m3.sk+tranzit, 34.sk, okno.be