the end of poetics / koniec poetiky 

13m3 space bratislava, 7 february 2007, 7pm

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a poetica is a description of how to achieve stylistic results in the arts in general... so it is a sort of 'how to...' and results in texts that are between the critique we read, aesthetics, and technical manuals for creative activities - but the question is: do we still have poeticas these days for the technological arts and what is their purpose, or are we in an era that avoids all theories and reflections on practices, because we are afraid to be pinned down to certain common ways of doing things? if you look at programmation of current media festivals including the evening fun in clubs, you may think that everything is rather superficial and same-thing-style-program... is it this end of specifying a radical poetica that wants to stimulate innovation and change or is there just the will to be like the others? are we only successful in our anti-theoretical and anti-analytical responses?

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in the last century, the invention of new media and technology in general, and its socio-cultural adoption. lead to quite controversial aesthetics, and the creation of a kind of art that was a complete fracture almost with what was produced the years before, for instance the total revision of art and society described in the successive pamphlets by the futurists, the invention and propagation of abstract art and constructivism and even the total innovations through new styles in architecture etc... in the first 3 decades of the 20th century. Nowadays new inventions and new designs, seem to be restricted to the commercial and industrial product designs, and are not leading to innovations in creative outputs... like the ipod is not leading to totally different artforms rather to the passive acceptation of passive playback systems through podcasts etc... or are we still on the verge as sociocultural expressive and creative people of creating radically new things, is it possibly going to happen soon, and in the long term vision will this change our lives more tremendously than companies try to force upon us?

we would ask if you want to take your webcam and record a maximum 5-minute video/sound testimony of you as a creative person, thinking aloud about
    1. how to make a specific innovating work these days in your own right (art, culture, society-organisation, management-curatorship, ...)
    2. can it be described in general valuable categories, why and why-not?
    3. how do you want to make it?
    4. do you want to relate it to something else, other works or do you want it to stand as originally lonely in the world
we would like to have you record it in mp4 format, if any questions please ask us how to... please record it without previous thinking so you don't lose time... we will give you an upload location (ftp)...

as a reference a while ago we wrote a bad text about poetics but now is the time to look at this critically and see how wrong we are/were... [before|after|poetika]
ARTISTIC APPLICATIONS gordon pask about his colloquy of mobiles explained the following thing... 
one a and b
REFLECTION discussion about the baku 2022 foundation as an organisation without a centre but with a specific mission to organize an event in 2022 - is a poetica basis for curatorship in a long term vision advisable or even necessary?
PICTURES kado from alejandra

many thanks to everyone