creativity, institutions, and critique space linz, 7 may 2007, 7pm

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THEME During May 1st we were wondering how this event is perceived today in the Post-Welfare-State. Then there were the presidential elections in France. In between there was the World Freedom of Press Day. We went to Linz to visit the Baustelle der Zukunft, which expands the Ars Electronica Center and blocks Stadtwerkstadt and effectively preventing a view of the Danube. Nice future if you ask me.

Transversalism and Institutional Critique, an interview with Gerald Rauning 
Simon Sheikh Notes on Institutional Critique
Hito Steyerl The Institution of Critique
Hito Steyerl The Archive of Lost Objects
Prelom [pages 205-225] or from

ARTISTIC APPLICATIONS aymeric.mansoux-alessandra.7351-adjcd.edit.ogg
Voice Over New York, May 1 2007.doc
Hanah's Mobile Wallpaper
Halli Kalli's
Meera Fe's
REFLECTION discussion about the baku 2022 foundation as an organisation without a centre but with a specific mission to organize an event in 2022 - how can we keep the organization open for changing and how can we prevent it from becoming a real organisation, against the instrumentalization of creativity, against the fragmentation of the social, political, cultural, artistic, (and love and life itself)?
PICTURES no but there is file saved from the event ...

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