on organisation and the unanswered question of openness

13m3 space bratislava, 7 january 2007, 7pm

INTRO chat at freenode.net #B22F
stream at rtsp://qt.okno.be:8000/B22F_01.sdp
or click here B22F_01.mov
THEME SOME THOUGHTS ON THE THEME  = What is an open organisation and some examples?
The evening's stream.
RESEARCH OVERVIEW case-studies of cultural organisations
ARTISTIC APPLICATIONS chile 1970-73 cybersyn
pask - colloquy of mobiles
stephen wilson - information arts site
mignonneau + sommerer - verbarium and a-life
public space without a roof - beauty unrealized
and a small presentation by vesna madzoski
REFLECTION discussion about the baku 2022 foundation as an organisation without a centre
reception for its non-real existence
PICTURES photos and the eventing's stream

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okno.be 13m3.sk dusan barok vesna madzoski nino hybal barbara huber alejandra nunez perez
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