the complexisation of collaboration


okno space brussels, 7 april 2007, 7pm

INTRO chat at #B22F
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THEME The Baku 2022 Foundation moved for the occasion to brussels and did an experiment in collaboration. We invited the artists and audience present there to start working on something/anything. Then we called for a joint audiovisual streamed concert. The refusal from our side to direct or govern or influence the contribution from anyone - we believe that everyone is able to make a decision here - is still controversial to any given top-down driven evaluation of aesthetics. Even people who do talk a lot about self-organisation want to control the other with an external device like a mixing console for audio or video. We believe that it can happen so we started without and counted on the others: as expected the first 45 minutes were chaotic and bad till the ones with the loudest shouts got tired by their own voice and left and the ones that listened and positioned their material along with others were able to bring something out. Interesting material to replay...

here is a recording from the joint concert that evening, there is also a description and nice montage of what happened that day on the okno server... 

many thanks to everyone